Mini Social in Darmstadt

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Nächsten Montag, den 8. Mai 
ist Mini Social in Darmstadt


1. Espie McNabb J32 3/4L MMM
2. The Valentine S32 3/4L Gaul: Magazine
3. The Irish Rover R32 3/4L Cosh: 22 SCD
4. The Gilly Flower J32 3/4L Roberts: RSCDS XXXVI
5. The Flower of Glasgow S32 3/3L Taylor: RSCDS XLVI
6. Red House R40 2/4L Playford: RSCDS VII
7. The Cranberry Tart J32 3/4L Glasspool: 7 Year Itch
8. The Birks of Invermay S32 3/4L Skillern: RSCDS XVI
9. The Music Will Tell You R32 4/4L Avery: RSCDS XLI



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