Isn't Scottish dancing too difficult for me?

Well, there are Scottish Country Dancers of all ages, from about 3 to about 90 (mroe or less) and you can take it up whenever you like, even if you're long out of your teens.


Don't you all speak German there?

Well, most of us are German, but the majority of us speak enough English to get through a dance toghether with you (and possibly a pint afterwards), so you should be able to enjoy the company as well as the dancing (all the important expressions and recaps are in English anyway).

Will I have to bring a partner?

No, Scottish Country Dancers are pretty liberal in that respect: everybody can (and is, in fact, encouraged to) ask anyone to dance.


Won't I need a kilt/tartan skirt? 

You certainly won't have to get them to start dancing (though you might be tempted to get one in the long run).

It would, however, be great if you could bring along a pair of gym shoes with thin - preferably leather - soles, or even dancing slippers (i.e. not trainers).


So what does this Scottish country dancing actually look like?

If you're good enough, something like this...

... or like this...

Any questions left unanswered?

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